Website Designing Tips – To Make Eye-Catching Website Design

Making website design attractive and impressive is too much essential because website play vital role in company branding and marketing. The website should provide best user experience (UX). Designing any website first time requires redesigning any existing website. There are some elements of website design that you should keep in mind which are given below:

1. Typography

Typography plays a vital role in the website designing because fonts selection make the website outstanding. Selecting unique fonts helps to making website design attractive. Most of websites used large font size and bright fonts make the website attractive. The fonts size not only applied to heading but also to paragraphs and links. Large font size make reading easier and your website looks well decorated. You should familiar with the typography to make quality website design.

Responsive website Design

2. Color Selection

Right color selection make your website impressive. There are three main color schemes that you can choose:
Analogous colors: Analogous colors are located on color wheel. You can use multiple colors selection along with one. For example using light green with light yellow etc.
Complementary colors: This color scheme is used for complementing each other colors. Fro example blue with orange, red with green or purple with yellow.
• Monochromatic colors: This color scheme is used for making different shades of a color. Making color variation may make the website design boring. It may also your website design worst. So carefully use the colors to make your website design attractive.

3. Company Logo

Logo design is the most important element in the website designing because it is one stop point for making your website design attractive. But don’t worry, there are many online generation tool. You can use company logo on the various spots in website like in header, footer, browser address bar icon as favicon icon etc.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is important because it helps to get ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To get better ranking in search engine you need to make right meta title, meta descriptions and image optimization etc. Responsive website design helps to get better ranking because responsive website design make the website mobile friendly. Google also gives preference to the mobile friendly websites.

5. Informational Footer

The header of website contains important highlights of business and business services and products. While making the website design you should not ignore the footer part. The footer part should contains the important links and NAP (Name-Address-Phone Number) of the website. This helps users to quick navigation. Also you can put link of your web pages in footer section. Website is online presence of any business. The performance and design affects to much in overall online success of business.
The above are the some of tips that will helps you to improve your web designing skills and to make attractive website design.

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